Dunedin Rhododendron Group Plant List

Members of the Dunedin Rhododendron Group will receive the the annual plant list in March each year.

This is a list of rhododendron species and hybrids and associated plants that are able to be purchased. These plants can be hard to come by and not always readily available. Our plant distribution day is in May when members are able to collect the plants or for out of town members they can be couriered. Our April lecture is a presentation and discussion of the plants on the list.

The following is the plant list for 2017:

Dunedin Rhododendron Group Plant List 2017 - (PDF File - 43 kb)

Rhododendron bibiani
Rhododendron bibani
Rhododendron 'Blue Boy'
Rhododendron 'BlueBoy'
Rhododendron dora amateis
Rhododendron dora amateis