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Dunedin Rhododendron Group Library Book List

The following books can be borrowed by members:

Dunedin Rhododendron Group Library Book List - (PDF File - 100 kb)

Rhododendrons and Azaleas
Bartrum, Douglas. Rhododendrons and magnolias. Gifford, London, 1957
Berrisford, Judith. Rhododendrons and azaleas. Faber & Faber, 1973
Bryant, G. Growing Rhododendrons and Azaleas in N Z. David Bateman, 1995
Clarke, Harold E. Getting started with rhododendrons and azaleas.Timber Press, 1982
Cox, E H M and P A Cox. Modern Rhododendrons. Thomas Nelson, 1956
Cox, Kenneth N E A plantsman’s guide to rhododendrons. Ward Lock, 1989
Cox, Kenneth N E Rhododendrons: A Care Manual. San Diego, Laurel Glen, 1998
Cox, Kenneth N E Rhododendrons and Azaleas A Colour Guide. The Crowood Press, 2005
Cox, Peter A & K. Cox's Guide to Choosing Rhododendrons. Batsford, 1991
Cox, Peter A, The Cultivation of Rhododendrons, Batsford, 1993
Cox, Peter A. Rhododendrons. (Wisley handbook 2) RHS, 1972
Cox, Peter A. Rhododendrons: a Wisley handbook . RHS, 3rd ed, 1989
Flora Yunnanica. 1986
Guomei,F Rhododendrons of China,v1, 1988
Halliday, Pat. The Illustrated Rhododendron. Portland, Oregon, Timber Press, 2001
Harrop, D (ed) Growing Rhododendrons, Pukeiti Rhododendron Trust, 1993
Johnston, A T. Rhododendrons, azaleas, magnolias, camellias and ornamental cherries. My Garden, 1948
Kessell, Mervyn S. Rhododendrons and azaleas. Blandford, 1990
Kneller, M, The Book of Rhododendrons. David & Charles, 1995
La Croix, I F. Rhododendrons and azaleas. A H & A W Reed, Auckland, 1973
Nelson, Sonja. Rhododendrons in the Landscape Timber Press, Portland, Oregon 2000
Postan, Cynthia, ed. The Rhododendron Story. RHS, 1996
The Realm of the Rhododendron (TVNZ, with booklet enclosed)[videotape][ 1997?]
Reiley, H. Edward. Success with rhododendrons and azaleas. Timber Press, 1992
Richards, Murray. Gardening with Rhododendrons. Godwit, 1994
Street, Frederick. Hardy rhododendrons. Collins, London, 1954
Street, Frederick. Rhododendrons and azaleas. Collingridge, London, 1957
Street, John. Rhododendrons. Century. 1987
Tapley,M. Rhododendrons in NZ. Bateman,1989
Tapley, M. The Rhododendron Growers Handbook for New Zealanders. Bateman, 1991
Teese, A. Growing azaleas and rhododendrons. Rigby,1969.
van Veen, Ted. Rhododendrons in America. Sweeney, Krist & Dimm, 1969
Ward, Francis Kingdon. Rhododendrons. London, Latimer House, 1949
Rhododendron Species
Argent, George et al The rhododendrons of Sabah, Malasian Borneo. Natural History publications (Borneo) in association with Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 2007
Cox, Peter A and Kenneth N E Cox. The Encyclopedia of Rhododendron Species. Glencarse, Glendoick, 1997
Cox, Peter A. The Larger Rhododendron Species. Batsford, 1990
Cox, Peter A. The Smaller Rhododendron Species. Batsford, 1985
Cullen, James Hardy Rhododendron Species: a Guide to Identification. Timber Press 2005
Davidian,H H The rhododendron species. v1; 2 pt 1, pt 2; v3; v4 (Azaleas) Timber Press, 1982-
Index Seminum. Horus Botanicus Kunminensis, 1988.
International rhododendron register & checklist, compiled by Alan C. Leslie. 2nd ed., Royal Horticultural Society, London, 2004. (2v)
Leach, D G. Rhododendrons of the world. Allen & Unwin,1962
List of Chinese rhododendron plants (ed. Feng Kuo-Mei) 1989
McQuire, J F and M L A Robinson Pocket Guide to Rhododendron Species, Kew Publishing, 2009
Notes from the Royal Botanic Garden,Edinburgh. v39no1,2.(Cullen and Chamberlain's new classification)
Philipson, M N. Cotyledons and the taxonomy of Rhododendron. (Reprint)
Pradhan, U C & S T Lachungpa. Sikkim-Himalayan Rhododendrons. Primulaceae Books,1990
The Rhododendron handbook part 1: 1963; part 2: 1956, 1964. London, RHS
Rhododendron handbook 1967 part 1. RHS,1967
Rhododendron handbook 1969 part 2. RHS,1969
Rhododendron Handbook 1980: Rhododendron Species in Cultivation. London, RHS, 1980
Rhododendron Handbook 1998: Rhododendron Species in Cultivation. London, RHS, 1997
Rhododendrons in Horticulture and Science: papers presented at the International Rhododendron Conference, Edinburgh, 2002. Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, 2003
Rhododendrons of China. Binford and Mort,1980
Species of Rhododendron. Rhododendron Society,193
Rhododendron Hybrids
American rhododendron hybrids. American Rhododendron Society, 1980
Bulgin. Rhododendron hybrids. 1986
Cox, Peter A. Encyclopedia of rhododendron hybrids. Batsford, 1988
Crossing the Rubicon: NZ Raised Rhododendrons. ed B Coker & K Millar. Canterbury Rhododendron Society, 1998
Salley,H and Greer.The Rhododendron hybrids. 1986; also 2d ed, 1992
van Gelderen, D M Rhododendron Portraits. Timber Press, 1991
Galle, F. Azaleas. Timber Press. 1985
Larson, R A. Production of Florist Azaleas. Timber Press, 1993
Argent, George. Rhododendrons of subgenus Vireya. London, RHS in association with Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 2006.
Kenyon, John and Jacqueline Walker. Vireyas for New Zealand Gardens. Auckland, Godwit, 1997
Smith,J C. Vireya rhododendrons. 1989
Vireya Names: a compendium of species and hybrid Vireya Rhododendrons, 2d ed. Clover Springs Computer Services, 1993
Millais, J.G. Magnolias. Minerva Press. 1972 reprint of 1927 edition
Plant Hunting and Biography
Ballard ,Catherine Oswald Blumhardt: New Zealand Plant Pioneer. Auckland, David Ling Publishing, 2006
Brown, Jane. Gardens of a golden afternoon: the story of a partnership: Edwin Lutyens & Gertrude Jekyll. London, Allen Lane, 1982
Brown, Jane Tales of the Rose Tree. HarperCollins, 2004   
Cowan, JM. The Journeys and Plant introductions of George Forrest. London, RHS, 1952
Cox , Peter A &, Peter Hutchison, Seeds Of Adventure: In Search Of Plants. Antique Collectors' Club Ltd (UK), 2008
Flanagan, Mark and Tony Kirkham. Plants from the Edge of the World: New Explorations in the Far East. Portland, Oregon, Timber Press, 2005
Hale, A M. Pioneer nurserymen of NZ. Reed, 1955.
Hepper, F Nigel, editor. Plant Hunting for Kew. London, HMSO, 1989
Jekyll, Gertrude The making of a garden. Woodbridge, Suffolk, Antique Collectors’ Club, 1984
Lemmon, Kenneth. The Golden Age of Plant Hunters. London, Phoenix House, 1968
McLean, Brenda George Forrest, Plant Hunter. Woodbridge, Antique Collectors’ Club, 2004
Musgrave, Toby et al. The Plant Hunter: Two hundred years of adventure and discovery around the world. Seven Dials, Cassell & Co, London. 1998
Ward, Francis Kingdon. Frank Kingdon Ward's Riddle of the Tsangpo Gorges: retracing the epic journey of 1924-25 in south-east Tibet. Antique Collectors' Club, 2001.Originally published: London : E. Arnold & Co., 1926.
Whittle, Tyler. The plant hunters. London, Picador/ Pan Books, 1975
Gardening, flowers and associated plants
Anderson, E B, Margery Fish and others. The Oxford book of garden flowers. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1968
Bond, Sandra. Hostas. London, Ward Lock, 1994
Case, Frederick W and Roberta B Case. Trilliums. Portland, Timber Press, 1997
Evans, Alfred. The peat garden and its plants. London, J M Dent, 1974
Farrer, Reginald. The Rock Garden. London, Jack, [1913?]
Fish, Margery. Ground cover plants. Newton Abbott, David & Charles, 1965
Fisk, J. Success with clematis. Thomas Nelson, 1962
Foley, Daniel J. The complete book of garden ornaments, complements and accessories. New York, Crown, 1972
Fox, Derek. Growing lilies. London, Croom Helm, [1985]
Hitchmough, James. Garden bulbs for Australia & New Zealand. South Yarra, Viking O’Neil, 1989
Huxley, Anthony. Mountain Flowers in Colour. London, Blandford, 1967
Kleber, Doretta. Violets of the United States. A.S. Barnes & Co. 1976
Kleijn, H and P Vermeulen. The Beauty of the Wild Plant. London, Harrap, 1964
Macneil, A. Garden lilies. Oxford U P. 1946
Markby, Ralph Garden Plants for Central Otago.. Dunedin, Longacre Press, 2005
Matthews, Victoria Lilies. London, RBG, Kew, in association with Collingridge, 1989
Mikolajski, Andrew Hostas. London, Lorenz Books, 1997
Peterson, Roger T and James Fisher. Wild America. Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1955
Phillips, Roger and Martyn Rix Bulbs.London, Pan Books, 1989
Phillips, Roger & Martyn Rix. Perennials v 1 and 2. London, Pan Books, 1991
Polunin, Oleg. Flowers of the Mediterranean. London, Chatto & Windus, 1965
Polunin, Oleg and Adam Delhi. Flowers of the Himalaya. Oxford, 1984.
Porter, Eliot. Appalachian Wilderness: The Great Smoky Mountains. [New York], Promontory Press, [1975]
Pratt, Kevin and M Jefferson-Brown. The Gardener's Guide to Growing Fritillaries. Portland, Timber Press, 1997
Richards, John. Primula 2d ed., Timber Press, Portland, Oregon, 2003
Rocky Mountain alpines. Portland, Timber Press, 1986
Royal Horticultural Society. A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants, RHS, 1996
Spencer, Roger Growing silver, grey & blue foliage plants. Kenthurst, Kangaroo Press, 1987
Stocken, C M. Andalusian Flowers and Countryside. Thurlestone, Stocken, 1969
Stuart, David Classic garden features. London, Conran Octopus, [2000]
Young, Norman. The Complete Rosarian: the Development, Cultivation and Reproduction of Roses. London, Hodder & Stoughton, 1971
Other Trees and Shrubs
Ashberry, Anne. Miniature Trees and Shrubs. London, Nicholas Kaye, 1958
Brickell, Chris D and B Mathew. Daphne: The genus in the wild and in cultivation. Woking, Alpine Garden Society, 1976
Evelyn, John. Sylva: or a discourse on forest trees. (2v) Doubleday. Reprint of 4th ed
Fisher, M E., E Satchell, J M Watkins. Gardening with New Zealand plants, shrubs and trees. Collins, Auckland, 1970
Hilliers manual of trees and shrubs. 3rd ed,1973
Johnson, Hugh. The international book of trees. Mitchell Beazley, London, 1973
Lloyd, Christopher. Shrubs and trees for small gardens. London, Pan, 1965
Phillips, Roger & Martyn Rix. Shrubs. London, Pan Books, 1989
Gardens – description and history
Barker , Margaret The Garden at Larnach Castle. Auckland, David Bateman, 2006
Dunlop, Eric. The Story of the Dunedin Botanic Garden. Friends of the Dunedin Botanic Garden Inc (in association with Longacre Press), Dunedin, [2002]
A Garden for all Seasons: Emu Valley Rhododendron Garden.Tasmania. (DVD – 18 minutes; and pamphlet) 2012.
Greenfield, Pat. Pukeiti: New Zealand's Finest Garden. Auckland, David Bateman, 1997
Hadfield,M. A history of British gardening. J Murray, 3rd ed,1979. 509p
Nelson, Sonya.The Pacific Coast Rhododendron Story: the Hybridizers, Collectors and Gardens. Portland, Oregon, Binford & Mort, 2001. (Donated by Steve Hopkins)
Phillips, C E Lucas. The Rothschild Rhododendrons: a record of the gardens at Exbury, Cassell, 1967
Roper, Lanning The gardens in the Royal Park at Windsor. London, Chatto and Windus, 1961
Royal Botanic Gardens,Kew. HMSO,1957. 130p
Russell, J Rhododendrons at Sunningdale. Sunningdale Nurseries, 1960
Symes, Michael. A glossary of garden history. Risborough, Shire Publications, 2006
Tannock, David. Rock Gardening in NZ. Whitcombe & Tombs (no date)
Walling, Edna A gardener’s log. Macmillan Australia, 1969
Scientific and technical
Lawrence, W J C. Practical plant breeding. Allen & Unwin, 3rd ed 1951 166p
Stearn, William T. Botanical Latin. 3rd ed revised. London, David & Charles, 1983
Dunedin Rhododendron Group Bulletin: no 1(1973) onwards
The Gardener’s Journal. Margaret Long, Christchurch, NZ v1 no 1-4(2008)
American Rhododendron Society Journal. scattered issues:1972-83,then 1984 onwards
Australian Rhododendron Society Journal v1 no 2-4(1959); v2no1-v3no4(1961)
NZ Rhododendron Association Bulletin: no 58(1971),64,66-68,71(1983), 94(2006)-100 (2012)(then merged with Pukeiti Journal to form The Rhododendron (NZ)(v 1 (2013)
Pukeiti [newsletter] (Oct 1989)- 58 no 3(2009)
Pukeiti Journal 1(2010)-3(2012)(then merged with NZRA Bulletin to form The Rhododendron (v 1 (2013)
Pukeiti Magazine no 1 (August 2008) – 2(2009)
The Rhododendron (Australian Rhodo Soc):v1no1-3(1962); v2-v6; v8-v12no3; v13-v16no2,4-v22no3(1983), [dd Gretchen Henderson: v 50 (2010)
Rhododendrons Notes and Records: Journal of the Rhododendron Species Foundation. v1 (1984)
Rhododendron Species Foundation Newsletter v17 no 2 (Jl 1992)-
The Rhododendron Yearbook (RHS) v2(1947)-4
Rhododendrons with magnolias and camellias(RHS) 11(1951), 12(1958),16-25(1962-71)1972 onwards
Rhododendron Species (Rhododendron Species Foundation) v7(2012) onwards
Scottish Rhododendron Society Yearbook. No 10(2008)
The World of the Rhododendron (Scottish Rhododendron Society) no 67-68 (2008)